Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifiable information 1 unless a user of or visitor to this website voluntarily provides such information by filling out the contact form or subscribing to the blog.

With respect to any personally identifiable information that is voluntarily provided by users of or visitors to this website, we: (a) will collect and maintain it on a secure server; and (b) not share it with any third party unless compelled by a valid court order to do so.

Users of or visitors to this website can review, request changes to or destruction of, any voluntarily provided personally identifiable information by calling
(844) 487-8787 toll free.

The effective date of this privacy policy is January 1, 2014. Any and all material changes to this policy will be posted here.


As used in this privacy policy, “personally identifiable information” means “individually identifiable information about an individual consumer collected online by the operator from that individual and maintained by the operator in an accessible form, including any of the following: (1) a first and last name; (2) a home or other physical address, including street name and name of a city or town; (3) an e-mail address; (4) a telephone number; (5) a social security number; (6) any other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual; (7) information concerning a user that the web site or online service collects online from the user and maintains in personally identifiable form in combination with an identifier described in this [description].” California Business and Professions Code §22577(a).