Our Approach


Creating an effective, high-quality estate plan isn’t a transaction – it’s a process. In our experience, the more we can help our clients be comfortable with and understand the estate planning process, the better their estate plans become.

We take time to identify each client’s estate planning goals and objectives, explain how the planning process will work, and obtain the relevant information we need to design a personalized plan that will achieve those goals.

Because we work with our clients (and their other professional advisors as needed) throughout the planning process, when our clients sit down to sign their estate plan, they understand each document and how it works with the other documents in the plan to achieve their goals.


Our philosophy is that because each client is a unique individual, every estate plan we create should be specifically designed for that particular person. As part of our mission to provide each client with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art estate plan, we custom-tailor the planning process itself by providing our clients with a variety of different tools and resources to explain or illustrate estate planning concepts in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Some clients find a chart or diagram especially helpful; for others, it’s a detailed verbal explanation, or a question and answer email exchange. While the means of achieving it may vary, the desired end result is the same: a client who now has a practical, comprehensive, personalized estate plan that they understand.


Our goal with every client is to provide them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they, their loved ones, and their legacy will be cared for in a manner that:

  • is consistent with their wishes;
  • avoids court involvement; and
  • preserves family harmony.